Feature Update

Below is a list of features we have recently implemented, as well as a sneak peek into our upcoming features. We’ll keep you updated as and when these features are ready for you to use!

1. Enhanced bank account linking powered by Plaid (completed)

h Plaid is an industry-leading service for connecting your external bank accounts to your Finch account. This upgrade will make your transfer experiences much smoother.

2. Ability to schedule recurring deposits  (completed)

 This is one many of you have been asking for! We've made it easy for you to make regular contributions to your Finch account.

3. Deposit Timelines (completed)

The deposit timelines will help you know exactly when your money is invested and when it’s available to spend.

4.Transfer Timelines (completed)

The transfer timelines will help you know where your money is in the transfer process and when it will arrive in your external account.

5.  Home Screen Info Cards (completed)

The enhanced home screen cards provide you with information on upcoming features, app improvements, educational content, and planned maintenance outages.

6. Live balance

The live balance will enable you to see your returns in real time! 

7. Support Chat

Support Chat enables you to quickly connect with our team whenever you have a question or just want to chat. 

8. Apple Pay

Apple Pay will allow you to seamlessly link your Finch virtual debit card with Apple Pay to make spending your money simple.

9. Account Performance

The Account Performance feature will provide you easily accessible, real-time information on how your money is invested and working for you.

10. Direct Deposit

Direct deposits will enable you to use your Finch account and routing number to automatically deposit your income into your Finch account.

11. Direct Bill Pay

Bill Pay will allow you to set up automatic payments for your recurring bills, like your rent, mortgage, or utilities.

12. World-Class User Experience

We’re constantly working on improving the app to provide you  a world-class experience.