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A Better Way To Grow!

Next Steps

You're three steps away from taking full advantage of your Finch account!

Step 1
Deposit money

There are two ways to deposit money into your Finch account in the app:
1. Use an existing debit card
2. Link an existing bank account with bank login or microdeposits.

You can find more information about deposits and our hold periods in our FAQ.

Step 2
Select Your Investment Portfolio

To start earning investment returns on your balance, you will need to select your investment portfolio.

The prompts in the app will guide you through the selection process and we'll make recommendations along the way. 

Free packages

Stable Portfolio

The Stable portfolio consists of cash, and a mix of ETFs that invest in short term government and corporate bonds.

Our Stable portfolio is our lowest risk portfolio and is ideal for those who want to dip their toes into investing while aiming to preserve their capital in all market conditions.

Cost: Free

Step 3
Activate Your Debit Card

You’ll receive a virtual card after you make the first deposit, and you can activate your Finch debit card directly in the app by resetting your PIN.

You can also order a physical card in the app too.

By keeping your money in Finch, you could increase your wealth by up to 50% every ten years!

Let's do this!